Just a few projects I have worked on that might be of interest. If you want to chat about these projects or have an idea for something cool to work on, drop me a line!

My startup Disqovery:

  • Super-quick video demo!
  • The app itself for which I’ve written the bulk of the ruby and javascript code.
  • Our unit, functional, and behavioral tests use technologies such as guard, cucumber, and rspec.
  • The hosting is through Heroku, through which I manage the hosting and database.
  • I write for our company blog on topics of interest to our users and customers. It is built using Jekyll and a theme I adapted from a web template I liked.
  • I maintain a fairly sophisticated user sign-up and communication system that combines our app database with MailChimp.
  • I leverage both LinkedIn and Facebook APIs for authentication and data manipulation.

Less geeky projects:

Geeky projects:

  • This site! http://varunmehta.com runs on Jekyll. I’m tired of security issues with WordPress and Drupal, so now I’m on to the new nerdness.
  • http://wiki.varunmehta.com is another playground for me to learn more about MediaWiki, the same software that powers Wikipedia.
  • A modified ethernet library for Arduino that adds DHCP support, which was sorely needed. Some of that initial work has been taken up by the rest of the community now. There are still many challenges with the limited memory footprint of the original Arduino that may never be solved.
  • A fun project to make an analog panel meter clock out of an Arduino using PWMs and panel meters. I can share my code and circuit diagram if you want to build your own. Check out a demo video here. I still need to find a nice wooden box to put it in instead of a shoebox…