I am the founder of Disqovery, an app that actually makes career development fun and engaging. I’ve been working on Disqovery ever since I got my MBA from HBS in 2013.

Before coming to HBS I was at Microsoft, first as a software developer on Microsoft Mediaroom, then as a program manager for Microsoft App-V. I gained a lot experience working on large, interdiscipinary teams, delivering great software for both consumers and large enterprises. I have had to work very closely with customers to understand and respond to their needs, and stay abreast of changes in rapidly moving fields.

I am very interested in building connections with people and helping them make decisions. This is one of the reasons that I am working on this totally awesome startup called Disqovery with my co-founders.

I graduated in 2007 with a BS cum laude in Computer Engineering from Columbia University. My undergraduate internships were at Symbol Technologies (one summer), and Apple (two summers).

My personal interests include enjoying music, playing bass guitar, maker culture, microcontrollers and embedded devices, and preparing and enjoying fine food and drink. I have traveled through much of the United States as well as parts of India, Iceland, and China.

You can connect with me via LinkedIn, Twitter, Github or email.