Every Tuesday at Apple we would get deliveries of fresh fruit to each of the breakout/lounge areas. Every day at the cafeteria there were free apples for people to grab with their lunch. Every Tuesday and Friday morning (I think) after Steve got cancer there was delicious organic vegan broth you could pour into a cup and sip. The only thing we had to drink was Allhambra water from huge water coolers. The division I worked in usually had doughnuts once a week.

All of Microsoft has water-filtering coolers and free soda (pretty much all the major cans). My old Microsoft team would have doughnuts or muffins every Friday morning. My new Microsoft team has bagels or hot breakfast/pancakes/bacon every Wednesday. Someone also brings in doughnuts once a week on average.

Please see my previous post for a full list of disclaimers. The emphasis with this one is that I’m not making a judgement on which one is better.