The motivation behind and experience of creating an Instructable

A picture of my dad's Breville BCG450XL coffee grinder.2 years ago I picked what I thought was the perfect birthday gift for my father, a conical burr coffee grinder. In his retirement he has (oddly), become very interested in drinking coffee; in particular, he had taken an interest in the careful preparation and appreciation of fine coffee. Unfortunately this great coffee grinder suffers from a strange design flaw: in addition to having a 'start' button, it also has a binary 'on/off' button. That alone would not pose a significant problem…

A Look at Varun's Personal Music Development

I've spent a fair amount of time thinking about how my tastes in music have changed and evolved. A little time in OmniGraffle yielded the chart you see here (enlarge). Obviously this isn't a complete representation of how my musical preferences have changed: there are many omissions in bands and genres, but I tried to capture the key ones from my past and a good list of current ones. There are several songs that I've picked out as pivotal to my development. It's a lot of information, but I'm curious: can any of you trace how your taste has changed over time?