Album Review: "Thirteenth Step" by A Perfect Circle


This is a great album. It represents significant growth for A Perfect Circle, and gets better with repeat listenings. Addiciton is a dark subject, but APC takes a refreshingly honest look that most heavy-ish rock fans can appreciate. You can find the album on Amazon in CD and MP3.

A Look at Varun's Personal Music Development

I've spent a fair amount of time thinking about how my tastes in music have changed and evolved. A little time in OmniGraffle yielded the chart you see here (enlarge). Obviously this isn't a complete representation of how my musical preferences have changed: there are many omissions in bands and genres, but I tried to capture the key ones from my past and a good list of current ones. There are several songs that I've picked out as pivotal to my development. It's a lot of information, but I'm curious: can any of you trace how your taste has changed over time?


Geek: Application to analyze word frequencies in your iTunes library

You all know I enjoy music a lot. I tend to go through phases with particular genres, but love music of all types. Recently I found myself wondering: what words occur the most frequently in the music that I listen to? I had some guesses, but wanted to do a proper in-depth analysis.

I call this little app "LyricsHistogram." It does the following: