Geek: Application to analyze word frequencies in your iTunes library

You all know I enjoy music a lot. I tend to go through phases with particular genres, but love music of all types. Recently I found myself wondering: what words occur the most frequently in the music that I listen to? I had some guesses, but wanted to do a proper in-depth analysis.

I call this little app "LyricsHistogram." It does the following:

Musings: Some differences between Apple and Microsoft, part 2

Every Tuesday at Apple we would get deliveries of fresh fruit to each of the breakout/lounge areas. Every day at the cafeteria there were free apples for people to grab with their lunch. Every Tuesday and Friday morning (I think) after Steve got cancer there was delicious organic vegan broth you could pour into a cup and sip. The only thing we had to drink was Allhambra water from huge water coolers. The division I worked in usually had doughnuts once a week.

Musings: Some differences between Apple and Microsoft

Having worked at and read extensively on these two fine corporations, a few differences come to mind, that over time I hope to commit to writing. Here are some disclaimers:

  • There is no confidential information contained in anything I write
  • The thoughts expressed represent solely my opinions
  • Nothing I write is designed to present either of these companies in a particularly positive or negative light. I've played for both teams - I don't play favorites.

On to today's thoughts: relationships with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).