The motivation behind and experience of creating an Instructable

A picture of my dad's Breville BCG450XL coffee grinder.2 years ago I picked what I thought was the perfect birthday gift for my father, a conical burr coffee grinder. In his retirement he has (oddly), become very interested in drinking coffee; in particular, he had taken an interest in the careful preparation and appreciation of fine coffee. Unfortunately this great coffee grinder suffers from a strange design flaw: in addition to having a 'start' button, it also has a binary 'on/off' button. That alone would not pose a significant problem, but the on/off switch is mechanically weak; after a few months of use the whole thing apparently stopped working, and my dad didn't tell me about it for a year. The warranty had expired and my sister was close to just buying him a new one, but I asked him to be patient and wait for me to get home and take a look.

The siuation was pretty bad. The switch had been pushed in. I took it apart and managed to get the switch sort-of back in place and working again. Unfortunately it broke again just a month later.

Tired of dealing with a poorly designed switch, i decided to take the grinder apart again, and just short-circuit the wires for the switch together so that it would always be in the 'on' position. This, finally, proved effective. It was quite an experience, I only had a crummy cold-heat soldering iron, a little solder, and no jumper wires and electrical tape to make a good connection. Nevertheless, the coffee grinder works now!

As I was doing this work, my dad mentioned that other people have had the same problem with their coffee grinders. It seemed like a good idea to put some information online, since this was a fairly easy fix to make. I created a post on Instructables, my first ever, to share these steps with the broader internet. Overall they made the experience pretty easy, and it feels good to contribute something that might help some other people out one day. The one thing that should be improved is image handling: there is no way to rotate images after uploading, and if you forget to click 'save' on the image captions then they are lost!

If you want to fix your coffee grinder, or just read and provide feedback on my instructable, check it out here. I have also added it to my growing projects page.