December 2011

Album Review: "Thirteenth Step" by A Perfect Circle


This is a great album. It represents significant growth for A Perfect Circle, and gets better with repeat listenings. Addiciton is a dark subject, but APC takes a refreshingly honest look that most heavy-ish rock fans can appreciate. You can find the album on Amazon in CD and MP3.

The motivation behind and experience of creating an Instructable

A picture of my dad's Breville BCG450XL coffee grinder.2 years ago I picked what I thought was the perfect birthday gift for my father, a conical burr coffee grinder. In his retirement he has (oddly), become very interested in drinking coffee; in particular, he had taken an interest in the careful preparation and appreciation of fine coffee. Unfortunately this great coffee grinder suffers from a strange design flaw: in addition to having a 'start' button, it also has a binary 'on/off' button. That alone would not pose a significant problem…


Just a few projects I have worked on that might be of interest. If you want to chat about these projects or have an idea for something cool to work on, drop me a line!

My startup Disqovery:

  • Super-quick video demo!
  • The app itself for which I've written the bulk of the ruby and javascript code.
  • Our unit, functional, and behavioral tests use technologies such as guard, cucumber, and rspec.
  • The hosting is through Heroku, through which I manage the hosting and database.
  • I write for our company blog on topics of interest to our users and customers. It is built using Jekyll and a theme I adapted from a web template I liked.
  • I maintain a fairly sophisticated user sign-up and communication system that combines our app database with MailChimp.
  • I leverage both LinkedIn and Facebook APIs for authentication and data manipulation.


This section within my site is devoted to my personal matters: my blog, my wiki for keeping track of ideas and websites, and a small gallery for photos I want to keep. Feel free to browse through these sections if you would like.

Musings: My First Semester at Harvard Business School

HBS LogoThings have been extremely busy since my last blog post about music; the process of applying to business schools combined with the chaos of an extremely busy work life have taken a toll on the more creative pursuits that I try to make time for, including writing.

However, now that I have finished my first semester at HBS (Harvard Business School), I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on the MBA experience so far: the lessons, the challenges, and the great things yet to come. I will try to avoid repeating information you already know about the business school experience.