November 2009

Musings: Some differences between Apple and Microsoft

Having worked at and read extensively on these two fine corporations, a few differences come to mind, that over time I hope to commit to writing. Here are some disclaimers:

  • There is no confidential information contained in anything I write
  • The thoughts expressed represent solely my opinions
  • Nothing I write is designed to present either of these companies in a particularly positive or negative light. I've played for both teams - I don't play favorites.

On to today's thoughts: relationships with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

Inline image test

Let's see if we can insert an image inline. This is an important feature since I often have graphical things to share with people. This could be fun.
Everything coexisting, and mingling, producing that intoxicating melange of life.


So begins the great Drupal experiment of 2009

Let's see how this goes. I'm hesitant to switch website formats again, but Rapidweaver suffers from the inability for me to update blog posts unless I'm at my Mac. Since my Mac is a desktop, it can be awfully difficult to update regularly. The goal here is to decrease the difficulties associated with me posting content, so that I can share information more easily.